A bank once tested Gresham's gentle touch by secretly placing fresh eggs in safe deposit boxes to be relocated — the eggs survived the trip unbroken.

Crane & Rigging

Lifting heavy objects has been in the blood of this Company since its conception in 1916. Early on, put together an assortment of components that became the first mobile crane between Atlanta and Washington D.C. This contraption was able to lift six tons, dig with a clamshell bucket and move from job to job under its own power. Today, we maintain a fleet of meticulously maintained “green machines” that cover the territory of Eastern North Carolina and Virginia – lifting heavy loads with great care by experienced operators.

Our equipment is manned by highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel who endeavor to promote job site safety and efficiency. operators and all the crane and rigging equipment are certified by OSHA inspectors on a regular basis.

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